Can you model within Unity?


I'm new to Unity and am looking to use it as my game engine. I was wondering if Unity can also be used to model my characters as well as the maps and terrain. I've seen a lot of info about modeling the terrain but nothing about being able to model the characters. I figured it would be easier to modeling the characters and developing the game all in one software rather than importing models, but wasn't sure if it can be done in Unity. Please let me know...and thanks in advance.

A short answer - no it can't. You can add primitive objects like cubes and spheres etc and there is a hierarchy and physics system to link all these together... but for modelling anything more advanced, you'll need to use a 3rd party modeller.

Regards, Matt.

Character modeling will need to be done in a separate program like blender or 3D Studio Max.

A list of supported 3D model formats and the main programs that use them is available at blender seems to be the only one that is free, if that is your preference.

Importing is seamless if you save your models to your project's Assets folder.

ya bleder would be the only free one but the problem is it is pritty hard to model beacuse it is quite complicated if you dont know what your doing. i have been using blender and whating tutorials so i also ask a question here:How to model in blender very well like for human characters?

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