Foggy Water?

Hello all, I’m making a top down naval game and wanted to make the water have a fog effect on it. Basically, the deeper the water, the darker it is. I hope to make so deep waters can yield surprises (sea monster popping out suddenly) to add suspense to the game. Problem is I also want the terrain to have fog on it too if you turn your camera to the side. Basically I need 2 fogs, one for water and one for terrain, how would I do that?

I already dissected the island demo and the water only had a fog if you were under the surface. Since you will never go under the water in my game, that did not help me.

Here is a real life example of what I am trying to achieve.

alt text

Even though I never got an answer, I did find an interesting work around. Using a custom shader made with Stumpy Shader Editor, I was able to vertex paint the terrain to get darker the deeper the water gets.