Getting an error: Assertion failed on expression: 'SUCCEEDED(hr)'


Out of nowhere I started getting this error: Assertion failed on expression: ‘SUCCEEDED(hr)’.

I don’t know what is causing it. If i double click the error nothing happens, and I don’t have any code yet.
I am using Unity 5.5.0b1

What should I do to fix it?


This solved the problem for me:

  1. Right click on Unity shortcut
  2. Choose “Run with graphics processor:”
  3. Choose “Integrated graphics”
    Now it opens like normal with no problems so far.

So now it is running on my “Intel(R) HD Graphics 630” instead of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Hope this helps

Me to !
While changing things in Edit->preferences on an empty project.

The Beta is not really stable ! Just restart the Project and Reimport Assets :wink: Works here !

Mono develop is not properly working u need to install .net or gtk# files for mono or any other external editor to work properly