Google play services leaderboard not showing any scores

Hi,I am using cloudOnce unity plugin to implement leader boards in my game.
The sign in works fine also on clicking the show leader boards button the leader board also shows perfectly but none of the game scores are published on the leader board.
in the unity debug log says leader board scores have been posted as shown in the image.
I have checked every id so everything seems correct.
I was trying to figure out the error in device logcat but I cannot find anything related to submitting score
please I need help !
Update-I have checked device logs with debugging mode,cloud once is sending the scores.but its not showing it.

I have this same problem, i try lot of tutorials lot of scripts adding via google play plugin only without cloudonce and i have this same problem for one week. Score submiting working well all working well but google leaderboards UI
Not showing i publish 11 actualization of my game and problem is not solved. Thank for any help.

I was also facing the problems.But i found that i had not completed the first time setup when leaderboard UI appear for the first time,just setup the all/friends setting. My Problem Just got solved by it.
*note :- LeaderBoard always checks Last Higher Score value,if your newly entered value is less than previous one , it will not get submitted…so just don’t get confused that your value is not refreshing…just try higher values…