How to create a "trails" using visual effect graph?

I want to create rocket trails using the exist effect i have created with visual effect grath.

I try to put position, and its works great if the object is moving up / down (I used transform binding vfx script and attached my object to the position of the effect…) the real problem is when the object is rotating,
when the object change hes angle the effect change the position but not rotate with the object, I tried to
add angle or set direction for the effect with the same binding transform but no luck :frowning:

  • by the way, if i put the VFX itself as a child to the object its looks very ugly and the effect rotate and change position instantly without the “trails” effect, so its not an option for me.
    Im using unity 2019.3.11f1, Thanks :slight_smile:

    here is my visual effect:

I did it !!! I set to “WORLD” in Initialize Particle
and added Set Position with “L” (LOCAL) with zeros.
I attached the VFX gameobject to my rocket (parent) and now the “trails” effect works perfect!

Thank you so much!

Thank you a lot man! :smiley: