How to Dynamic Batching in URP while interrupting Dynamic Batching?

How to optimize draw calls in URP for two skinned mesh renderers and two sets of TMP Fonts?

In a 3D scene using the URP render pipeline, it takes 4 draw calls to render two skinned mesh renderers and two sets of TMP Fonts.

How can I optimize this to 3 draw calls, so that the two skinned mesh are rendered separately and all the TMP numbers are rendered once?

Additional details:

The two skinned mesh renderers are used for the two characters.
The two sets of TMP Fonts are used for the numbers (These two numbers can be Dynamic Batching at the same rendering level because they use the same material).
The characters are always rendered separately.
The previous character model will overwrite the following TMP numbers and character models.

Additional Questions:

  • Which solution is the best for this scenario?
  • How can I implement the chosen solution?

Additional information:

  • Unity 2021.3.8f1.
  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP) 12.1.7.
  • TextMesh Pro (TMP) package 3.0.6.

Thank you for your help!