Lower framerate in build than in play mode.

Hello. I’ve met an interesting issue in Unity 2022.1.12f1. I was experimenting in HDRP with the new features and noticed that my build runs much slower (jumping between 30-40-60FPS) than Editor Play mode which brings stable 60FPS. In profiler I see that vSync consumes a lot, so I tried to disable it in settings, via Script etc., but vSync job is still present in Profiler even if I force NVidia itself to disable vSync and i can see the absence of vSync on the game screen. (Profiler shows no visible amount of vSync during editor play mode)
Has anyone else met with this issue or found a potential solution for it?
My scene uses physical sky, volumetric fog, volumetric clouds, 9 squarekilometers of terrain with 5 texture layers, some reflective water planes for lakes. A third person character with a simple freemove system and Cinemachine freelook camera
Using NVIDIA Geforce 1660 Super, DirectX 11, AMD RYZEN 5 3600.
Windows 10
As I mentioned, the scene runs flawlessly in Editor Play mode, issue comes in standalone build. Thanks if you can help.,

check your quality settings