Material disappears after LoadScene

Hey everyone,
I’m currently trying to load a scene which has a gameObject with a specific material attached to in it. If I start the scene itself, it works perfectly well and the material can be seen. However, I want to start the game by pressing a button on a menu screen. Therefore, I’m loading the scene with the gameobject after the scene was chosen from the start menu. The problem is: If I start the game this way, the material is somehow lost and my gameobject is just black. This is the code for the Sceneload:
public void Level1()
public void DemoLevel()
public void EndScene()
SceneManager.UnloadSceneAsync(“Menu 3D”);

It tried to use Scenemode.Additive, but then another issue occurs, since I can’t instantiate more instances of my singleton classes from the menu scene. If I then try to develop it for the HoloLens, the application crashes completey, so I’d rather stay away from the Scenemode.Additive.
Has anyone ever had this issue?

I had a similar issue testing my game in the Unity’s editor, but I found a solution that I believe resolves it.

Seems that the colors and materials are loaded correctly in my case, so it was a lighting problem as lighting is still calculating in the background.

Depending on your Unity version, you can fix this by:

  1. Open the scene which has the problem
    with the materials;
  2. Go to tab ‘Window’ → Lighting →
  3. Then, in the ‘Scene tab’. Scroll
    down until the bottom of the emerged
    window and find a checkbox called
    ‘Auto Generate’ which you have to
  4. Finally, click the Generate
    Lightning button and check if it

Seems that this problem only occurs at the editor, not once the game is build.
Please, let me know if it works.
Good Luck!