Muse is disappointing, Detailed explanation

Bought it for tests (as my trial was used somehow?) and well… Here is my thoughts:

================ I’ll start from the Bad things

GPT with RAG, nothing to add, my Custom GPT is more capable then Muse Chat.
Ask it to make script that will make rigid body follow target position and rotation using physics (aka velocity and torque) and it will fail. same way GPT does.
Its just GPT with RAG.

It doesn’t rly provide more animations then u can find on free portals with animations.
A lot of issues:

  1. 90% chance that, legs are floating or sliding.
  2. Animation don’t actually do what i asked it.
  3. When u try to edit animation, it doesn’t create enough frames. Example, animation Zombie, A lot of twitching, small movements, nice animation overall, want to edit something, 4 keyframes, what?:
  4. When u try to edit, it has some strange twists/glitches (Frame 1 is KeyFrame 1)
  5. When pressing Export it tries to export it 10 times every time XD yeah its a bug cut cmone.
  6. And last and really important one is, low animations train data or DB. What i mean by this is, ask it to create Shocked/Electrocuted Zombie. Its just doesn’t know what to do, i tried: Zombie hit by Electricity,Zombie electrocuted,Zombie shocked,Zombie Zapped,Zombie shocked by Electricity nothing works. It would be ok if animation would not be perfect and had issues BUT if it would give me at least BASE on which i can work, but its just doesn’t work, at all.
    Does it look like “Zombie shocked by Electricity”? XD:
    Zombie shocked by Electricity
    This one fine but had to be Edited:
    Zombie Die
    Zombie Die_Edited


  1. It produce really low quality images, it’s look like SD when i was just released.
  2. Doesn’t understand what u want from it (Or to be precise u need to learn how to prompt it but its still doesn’t help).


  1. Mid quality, its not bad but not good either =)

Cant say anything, didn’t used it, don’t need it =)

================ Now for good things
Sorry but none. Its just GPT with RAG, nope, thank you.

1 in 20 animations will be what u need? IF its simple walking/jumping…
That’s all…
Zombie walk
Zombie walk_Edited
Standing, Crafting, Making something


  1. Transparency is a big plus and 100% licensed output.
  2. Another big advantage is ability to train it.

IMHO is really good for quick prototyping and tests. But i wouldn’t use it in any other way.

Cant say anything, didn’t used it, don’t need it =)

=========== Conclusion:
Even though i am glad you guys trying to implement this and all, but for now, IMHO it doesn’t worth 30 usd per month.
All an all, is disapointing.

I’m sorry to hear your annoyance with Muse. I’d love for you to try Behavior as well and tell me all the things wrong about it so me and the team and learn from it :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve forwarded your feedback to the relevant teams!

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. I am curious to know if you tried asking Chat for project-specific questions, as opposed to asking for Chat to generate code for you. For our very first/initial pre-release, we have spent more time connecting Chat with the loaded project. Lots more coming soon, look out for more capable tools :slight_smile:



Just did. (Forgot about this part)
Tested : pre3 and pre7 (Unity 2023.2.19f1)
I asked it about particular script in my project and it gave me generic answer, and then when i asked it to check the code itself it said that its doesnt have access OR that i need to provide it in chat. Aka, same as GPT or any other model =)
So either i used it incorrectly OR it doesn’t work.

Hey UFODriverr,

Thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts on our AI tools! We appreciate you taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.

You made a great point about the lack of animation diversity. We hear you and are actively working on expanding our training data to cover a wider range of concepts, like the “shocked zombie” example you mentioned. Stay tuned for future releases with more styling options for animations.

Regarding the issues you encountered with converting animations to poses and the multiple export bug, those definitely sound like technical problems. I’ve forwarded your report to our engineering team, and they’ll investigate further to resolve these bugs.

We’re always striving to enhance our products based on user feedback like yours.
Thanks again for your honest critique - it’s super helpful as we continue to improve and evolve.

Product Manager, Muse Animate


Hi @UFODriverr - wanted to chime in here too! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with feedback. Regarding Muse Chat, having access to code for game objects and throughout the experience is something we are working on as we speak. will let you know once that’s live and hope you will find it more useful then!

Best, Martina

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