Muse Pricing

Muse is a great tool, and I agree that we have to pay to use it. Every service incurs maintenance and development costs. If we want a good service, support, and to allow Unity to improve Muse, someone has to pay.

However, I’m sorry, but I will not pay $30 for Muse right now.


First, Muse is not ready at all. The beta was closed too soon. There are many things to improve to bring its quality to the same level as other similar products. Many people have requested features on the forum, but there has been no follow-up.

Second, regarding the price, even if Muse can resolve some issues that other AIs struggle with, the price difference between Muse and other AI tools doesn’t justify it.

Third, the pricing policy is problematic. I have Unity Pro; why do I have to pay extra for this service? I understand paying for the free version of Unity, but it seems unfair for companies that have supported Unity with the Pro version for many years.

I was very happy to be a part of this beta, and I see great potential in this tool. However, I think such a flawed pricing policy will be detrimental to the tool. People will just turn to other AI tools.

Please Unity, listen to your customers and come back to reality. You’ve already made some poor decisions with pricing this year, and Unity doesn’t need another hit to its reputation over pricing issues. We urge you to reconsider and come to us with a more realistic pricing strategy for this AI tool, one that aligns with your competitors.