,My object imported from blender has no mesh

,I’ve recently made a bowling pin in blender and exported it to unity. I got it in the game just fine, but my issue is that it seems to have no mesh, which makes no sense. I am basing a lot of what I am doing on intuition because I can’t seem to find a tutorial on my specific issue. Basically. I need to use a mesh collider for it to work properly, so I added a mesh collider component to it. I assume that the way you actually give it a collider is by selecting the “Mesh” section, and assigning your mesh from the menu that opens up. Only problem is, my mesh isn’t there. There is no mesh named bowling pin (the name I gave it when I imported to unity). I experimented with mesh renderer and mesh filter, but it seems for these I also need to select a mesh to use, and mine isn’t there. Any help is apreciated, thanks.

After draging your .obj or .fbx for exemple in your Asset folder , put your mesh by dragging in the Scene and add a collider on the first object in the hierarchy using the button “Add component” in the inspector. After this just use the edit mode of the collider to fit with your object.If you can’t see your object you have a problem on your export from Blender