Point Light not acting correctly

Hey guys
I was just messing around with normal maps and lighting in Unity and I’m wondering why the point light is only lighting one half of the “sphere” its supposed to light. As you can see here, there are 3 point lights set up and its only lighting half of it. Why is this? and how do I fix it?

alt text

Thank You

FIXED :slight_smile:
Okay so I was scrolling down th Inspector of the material itself and I noticed right below my normal map there was note that said “This texture is not marked as a normal map” and a button “FIX NOW”,

alt text

clicked on it and it was the point light was acting perfectly…

alt text

Im sorry it might have just been me being stupid . Im new to Unity I didnt know you had to do this. Thank you all your effort!

If it is an FBX file, make sure on the fbx importer that for tangents and normals, you select CALCULATE, not Import.

I was having this issue recently with the ceiling of my scene. Checking the “Create from Grayscale” in normal map texture settings fixed the issue.