Rendering a 3d mesh over Unity UI,Rendering over Unitys UI

I’m trying to figure out a way to make it so this mesh can always render on top/in front regardless of situation. I can’t use canvas components as they’re not VR friendly. Attached is a picture of the problem.

,I’m trying to find a way to make a mesh constantly render over/on-top-of unity’s UI (As well as everything else) The only thing of note is that I can’t use canvas components as they’re not VR-friendly.

Q1: If you not using Unity Canvas based UI what kind of UI system you are using for your VR application?

Without knowing much I cannot help but I suggest render layering your model camera over UI rendering with the camera a stack. ( latest unity ) or Render your model cam onto RenderTexture and apply on RawTexture if you using unity UI.

Lot of folk with VR just use small (very scaled down) primitive planes placed very close to the camera and children of the Camera.
Then use usual logic to detect mouse clicks etc.
This allows for perfect VR UI. Well for me it does anyway. Very simple for basic experimenting.

I just google and came up your post. Interesting…and thanks for sharing talktosonic