Skybox rendred texture quality is poor

I want to create good quality skybox, but the quality of rendered skybox is poor… What am I doing wrong?

I have loaded cubemap texture (panoramic JPG), set texture size “8192 compressed”, create material with shader Skybox\CubeMap and then Add component “Rendering > SkyBox” to main camera. The result if far from expecting…

I have loaded the same jpg into aframe web library, and the final panorama is better there.

Image of good render from Aframe:

Image of not good render from Unity:

Thank you!

Well, after a day of researching, I probably found an answer:

  1. Load exactly the same size of texture, that you set in texture size.
  2. Set “Advanced” texture type.
  3. Unselect “Create mipmap” checkbox
  4. Set “Filter mode” to “Point”

And it will be a fine quality!