[Solved] 2D Sprite Rigging using PNG Files


[Edit] I was having trouble following along tutorials talking about sprite rigging in unity, the problem being they all used PSB files which i didnt want to and instead used PNG files. that caused problems that were not really explained in the tutorials.
If you are having the same problem, you ll find a link to a yt tutorial i found talking about png sprite rigging in the answers below, plus a tldw :wink:
Below is the original post for reference (?)

i ve spent more time on that than whats considered fun on this and couldnt really figure out how it works.
what i am trying to do: import a png file with seperated body parts of a single sprite in unity, slice it up and then use those sliced pieces for a skeleton to make animations.
one thing that is important to me (and i dont know if its even possible with the unity sprite editor) is the ability to have seperated parts that can be enabled or disabled (say a winking eye, i dont want to have the part i m currently not using in the animation flying next to the head XD) while creating the animation, so just assembling the body parts in the right position won’t be enough.
since it doesnt seem to be possible to reassemble a sliced image in the sprite editor, my idea to solve this was to set up the bones on each of the seperated body parts and then simply do the assembling in the scene window. however when i tried to set up the skeleton i ended up with a skeleton that didnt connect to the other sprites (all bones where “connected” to the sprite i clicked on in the beginning). maybe its possible to select all the sliced sprites?

how is it that when you dont recieve an answer within a day, you stumble upon the video tutorial explaining exactly what you need to know XD

for anyone else being confused about png sprite rigging: you keep the image set to “single” (compared to changing it to multiple), you previously seperated the parts (like i did) so they do not overlap, you then simply open the sprite editor and without slicing them you just switch to the skinning tab, double click on the sprite which should highlight ALL the body parts and then you just start placing the bones on the parts in the correct position.

for reference, or if you d need more information than my tldw, here is the tutorial