Strand-based hair material to follow UV similar to how a mesh would?

Hello, I’ll try and be as descriptive as possible while I ask for any help toward what I’m trying to achieve.

I’m using the Strand-Based Hair instance to generate hair around an object. I’m using an Alembic file to generate the shape.

This tutorial is what I followed and everything is understandable and works fine.

Get Started with Hair Simulation - Unity Learn

I’ve created a shader that mixes two colours with a noise node and generates a mottled pattern of two colours. Very simple.

However, the way Hair Instance seems to work with this shader is that it will apply this shader to each strand individually, meaning that the two colour noise pattern is placed on each strand individually.

I’d love for the hairs to follow the same pattern as you’d expect to see on a mesh, similar to how hair works in Blender:

Is this achievable?