Supported Unity Features & Components By Polyspatial

In addition to Reference Documentation(,where can I get more details about the rendering components/systems supported by Polyspatial, such as shaders, particle system properties, light and reflection probes,and so on
Why do I ask this question above? Because after I imported the existing custom shader into the scene, it didn’t work. And the editor only prompts that not fully supporte(as in the red area in the image), but I don’t know how I can fix it.

I think I described the difficulties I encountered clearly and please gave me some advice and support.

Custom shaders are not supported for Particle effects, see the docs here for Replicate Properties Supported Unity Features & Components | PolySpatial visionOS | 1.0.3

Is that shader authored in shader graph or written in HLSL? For any mixed reality content it’s required for shaders to be authored in shader graph to be converted to material x and rendered by RealityKit.

If there’s an error with your shader graph there should be small warning # about unsupported nodes.

Yeah! That should be small warning # about unsupported nodes,but I don’t know which nodes do not supported , so I don’t know how I can fix it.
Maybe the only way I can do it is to recreate these shaders using shader graphics.

Correct, all shaders need to be created with Shader graph for Mixed Reality Applications. The supported nodes are listed here Shader Graph support | PolySpatial visionOS | 1.1.6