Two new optimization guides for mobile, console and PC (2022 LTS edition)

Hi everyone,

Our team just published a new blog post announcing two updated optimization guides for Unity 2022 LTS: Optimize your mobile game performance and Optimize your game performance for console and PC.

Each guide includes actionable tips across profiling tools, programming and code architecture, working with assets, render pipelines, UI, and much more. There are also many new and updated links to additional documentation and other resources if you want to go deeper.

Side-by-side images of the optimization e-books8

The blog post covers what’s new in the 2022 LTS edition of the optimization guides, but one key detail that we’d like to repeat here is that these guides are built on the deep knowledge of the Accelerate Solutions team. Made up of Unity’s most senior software engineers, this team supports a plethora of Unity customers, diving deep into game projects to help identify points where performance could be optimized for greater speed, stability, and efficiency.

Here are some of the updates you’ll find in both guides:

  • Identifying bottlenecks: Understand the basic methodology of performance optimization and use the Unity Profiler and Profile Analyzer; how to account for mobile device temperature, work within a specific frame budget, and see if your project is CPU- or GPU-bound.
  • Memory management: Understand how to use the Memory Profiler, reduce the work of garbage collection, and use the Incremental Garbage collector.
  • Programming and code architecture: Learn how to minimize expensive code, why you should use hash values instead of string parameters, choosing the right data structure, and using ScriptableObjects to improve performance.
  • Project configuration: How to disable unnecessary Player or Quality settings, or physics; how to avoid large hierarchies and work with Vsync.
  • Assets: How to import and compress textures correctly, check polygon counts, automate your import settings using the AssetPostprocessor, Unity DataTools, and how to leverage the Addressable Asset System.

You can download the Optimize your mobile game performance guide here:
Unity_OptimizeYourMobileGamePerformance.pdf (14.2 MB)

You can download the Optimize your game performance for console and PC here:
Unity_PCConsolePerformanceOptimization.pdf (26.8 MB)

We hope you find these guides useful! Let us know if you have any feedback.

Thanks for reading.


Why in the name of the rendering gods are you guys still publishing what is probably fantastic content into impenetrable PDF files? Why aren’t these on the manual and documentation sites that 99% of your userbase actively using?

It honestly boggles the mind.


Arguably in pdf form this might be easier to feed to a GPT if you’re trying to set one up.

Thanks for the feedback. The short answer is: This information is not limited to just a pdf format. I guess the longer answer is that: some users prefer ebooks, some blog posts, documentation, step-by-step tutorials, video or sample code. We try to create a mix of all formats. In this specific case because it’s 100+ pages of content, we picked a pdf format to make it easier to read. However, a lot of the same information is or will also be made available across various other formats such as our how-to-pages, blog posts and documentation. Think more of this as a service to consolidate all the tips into one combined format for those who would like to have that option as well. Also I should add a lot of other users have shared they really enjoy having pdfs for easier reading too. Hope that makes sense!


Thanks, this guides are awesome!! is there a site to download the past guides that I miss?


Thanks Shitoshy. Yes, you can find them all here:


Thomas, first I just want to say I appreciate the documentation and the quality (I have since read the PDF). With that said…
Your reasoning for putting it into a PDF is frankly just beyond the pale. None of that content is indexable by search engines, it never pops up on any search anywhere. None of the companies or engineers I know who use Unity are aware of any of this content.
For reasoning for putting it into a PDF to make it easier to read boggle my mind - If this PDF was directly transposed into the existing Unity Manual website with its tree navigation it’d be just as readable, indexable by search engines, LINKABLE on forums, and seen by the extreme majority of your userbase.

You NEED to know that all the time and effort that has been put into this PDF and all the others is being colossally wasted, and that’s a travesty. You should be upset at this.

If for some reason you think this situation is okay, I’d ask you to talk to your webdev team and ask them what the PDF download counter is like compared to the visits to the Unity manual website.

I just wanted to share some feedback that I personally love the .pdf format for these eBook resources, and I hope you continue to offer that as a format. I always print out these eBooks to consume them (there is a fair bit of contemporary, peer-reviewed research suggesting that when reading for deep comprehension, physical paper tends to work better for most people compared to screens), and the .pdf files are so very much easier to print compared to HTML. If anything, I’d love a version of the .pdf that is more printer friendly (without the table of contents and chapter title pages having solid color backgrounds).

At any rate, thanks so much for preparing these excellent eBooks, and please keep up the great work!


Thank you so much, I was just looking for this lately…

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I think the PDF option is great and I like the ebooks, thanks for making them!

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Do you ever post guides for webgl optimization? Specifically for running webgl on mobile devices?

You might find this updated how-to page helpful: Profile and optimize a Unity Web build (Unity Web is the new name for our WebGL support).

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