unity 3 Render Texture limitations on IOS (cant set bigger then 512 - bug?)

is there a resolution limitation with render texture on IOS ?

I have unity 3 iphone advanced license and I cant set the render texture to higher resolution then 512x512, when I set it to 1024x512 it jumps to 512x256.

I wonder, is that a bug? am I missing something?

I was able to get higher resolution when changing the platform to mac standalone but when I change it back to IOS its starts to act funny again.

I didn't find any reference to this limitation so I wonder if anyone else had this problem.

If someone can please tell me he (or she) was able to use render texture under IOS with, lets say 1024x1024. just so I would know that its not a bug.


they must be square textures thats what I read here:

Note that while RenderTexture assets can be only power-of-two size, it is possible to create a non-power-of-two (rect) render textures from scripts. These are most often used for image post processing effects.

RenderTexture class is only available in Unity Pro.

Check your texture import settings there is a max size there. Maybe it’s set to 512 ! Check the section for ios too!