Windows not maskable

Windows like the GameView, PackageManager and InspectorWindow can not be masked when they are in a tab group.

For example the package manager window when it is in tab group:

When it is standalone, it works:

Generally speaking, if a window is not "visible" in the tab group (another window is shown, you can only see the window tab) then it is not guaranteed to be displayed. For some it works, for some not.

Reported as IN-18224.

Hi! That’s expected behaviour. Window masking only works when the window is visible.
In order to unmask the window when it’s in a tab group and not visible, you need to set the masking rules so that they unmask the title using the GUIContent selector in the masking settings. However, given that the window has also an icon in its title, this might be difficult.

Is using the CustomCallbacks mechanism to open/focus the window when the Tutorial page loads an option for your use case?

Thank you for your answer, I will look into using the CustomCallbacks mechanism and provide an update when done.

Yes, it looks very promising if I use the Showing callback. I will still leave it open because it could also be used as a feature request, with i.e. a toggle "Show window if hidden" or something similar.