Animation works fine in Blender but deform in Unity


I just did this animation in Blender 2.59. Basically, in Blender in animates correctly, but in Unity the left arm deforms strangely, and the right arm doesn’t move at all. Any clues to what I can try?

Here is one pose in Blender:

alt text

And here is in Unity (note that the right arm doesn’t move and the left arm deforms):
alt text

try Blender object → apply → location,rotation,scale.
then reimport.

also make sure your bones aren’t connected in any weird places :confused:

I got it!

What I missed is: in an animation, ALL the vertices of the mesh must be assigned to some bone. I was not assigning vertices that didn’t move. So, I created a static bone for them, assigned it, and voila, the static bone holds them in place! :slight_smile: