Blendshape Support

The blendshape and joint control is working well in unity editor, but blendshape is not working in visionpro simulator. Will the blendshape feature support in coming release?

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Support for blend shapes is on our road map, but I can’t give you a time estimate at present.

Is that rely on support from RealityKit? I hv summited a support request for Apple.
But at the meantime, do u think using a facial rigging to control facial expression can work? Since we are working on a AR livestream product, we already hv data feed of blendshape value, I am thinking is that possible to rematch those blendshape values to joint based system?

Thanks! Ideally, yes, support for blend shapes in RealityKit would make it much easier for us to support them. In the absence of that, though, we’ve talked about possibly handling them by rendering the blended vertex positions to a texture and using that texture in the vertex stage of a shader graph (similar to an approach we’re exploring for particles).

I suspect that will be difficult, but it depends entirely on your pipeline. It’s definitely possible to do skeleton-based facial animation, but it would likely require that the animations be created that way in the first place; I don’t know of any way to work backwards from blend shapes to get skeletal animations.

Is there any update on the timing of Blend Shape support? Deciding if we need to re-rig our character’s face. Thanks!

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Hi @StLouis24 –

Unfortunately, we haven’t started this work yet, and while the feature is in our backlog, it’s not currently on our roadmap for 2023.

In the meantime, if you’re developing a product whose release is contingent on blend shape support, I would indeed urge you to find a workaround – such as re-rigging your character’s face.

I’ve asked our team to add it to the “Under Consideration” section so that the community can at least cast votes on the relative importance of this feature. However, as @kapolka noted above, if and when we add blendshape support, we’ll likely be forced to either support a limited feature subset or introduce some significant performance overhead unless RK adds platform-level support for this feature that maps cleanly onto Unity’s capabilities.

Hope that helps!


This is helpful–thank you!

Still no blendshapes? Can you point me to a link where I could also vote for this functionality if not?


yes, it’s 2024 already

Please submit it to our road map, here.

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+1. This feature is critical for character interactions!


hmm has no one added it to the roadmap or i just can’t find the link?

Roadmap is here:

Please add blendshape support. I’m begging you.


PLEASE add blendshapes! This is a pretty huge feature, affects a lot of decisions.

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Thanks for the overwhelming feedback here. We’re actively working on Blendshapes support and should have more news soon. We’ll share more information when available.


That’s great news, thanks @IsaacsUnity! Can’t wait to hear more about it. :smiley:

yes! when can we expect this to be released?