How to create a Saturn ring?

I am looking for ideas how to make really high detailed planet Saturn rings? I thought of using blender to create a flat cylinder then to multiply that but does anyone have other suggestions or ways of approaching this?
What about debris? make 1000’s of objects could gpu expensive, I wonder how that can be approached?

Can’t help it, have to post this:

This was done with physics in Unity. The green square is an attractor that the red spheres get pulled towards. But since they originally started with a velocity that put them on a trajectory that would have them miss the green cube, they started to do the most natural thing: orbit.

The red spheres that hit the surface got deflected out of orbit by collision with other spheres.

This is how you make a saturn ring, physics-style. :slight_smile:

i had the same prob as i started to make a space game. after a while i found this very helpful tutorial how to build saturn and its rings ! with Blender. with links to NASA to get textures of the saturn rings and how to texturize it
( them )

its a bit late to answer but hopefully helpful in future for others !

the picture shows my “result”


I haven’t tried modeling Saturns rings but here are some suggestions on how you could proceed. The solution is meant to be LOD controlled, so at long range only a texture is drawn and at close range more advanced representations may be used.

At long view range, a simple textured flat box (quad) would probably be enough.

If you get closer, consider swapping or transitioning (blending) into a more detailed representation, perhaps volumetric flat toruses, where you render the back side of the torus and the front side of the torus in separate passes. From this, calculate the depth distance between the front and back fragments. This will give the illusion that the discs/rings have volume (they are about 10 meters in thickness from what I heard).

If you get very close, or inside the disc, consider swapping or transitioning to a particle system to represent finely ground space rocks.

Finally, consider using geometry shaders to render multiple larger rocks if you can’t figure out another way to add variation.

I don’t know about ring dynamics over time, it might be possible to add more advanced effects to the rings but you’d have to research that (for example, Jupiter got a vortex, Saturn got the hexagon pole, maybe the rings have some similar effect that would be cool to simulate).

I think i can make a saturn ring, but it’s using code. Also first create new object call line renderer, Then it has to be a point, so create new object call sphere, let’s make a code call “Ellipse”, Then Create script that the line renderer draw like and Ellipse, then save it, and Done!..

First let’s create a variable but using public like an r1, r2, step, the Transform is point, and the LineRenderer is lr…
Learn about like Line Renderer: How To Draw a Line in Unity | Line Renderer Tutorial 1 - YouTube
Then the script “Ellipse” is here:

step = 0;
lr.positionCount = 0;
for (int i = 0; i <= 360; i++)
    lr.SetPosition(i, new Vector3(
        point.position.x + Mathf.Sin(step) * r1,
        point.position.z + Mathf.Cos(step) * r2
    step += 0.2f;

Then, put the script “Ellipse” into the line renderer…
Then, set up the script “Ellipse” like a r1, r2, step, point, and lr in the line renderer!
Then try to run it!
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