Importing multiple separate animations from a .blend file

I’m trying to import a model I made in blender and everything works as expected except for the animations. I have each animation set up in a separate action like this:

and importing this as a .blend file causes only the animation I had selected from this menu upon saving the .blend file to be available within unity. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I tried exporting to a .fbx file and importing that instead but not only did that not fix it, it also caused a strange error whenever I tried to look at the animation tab in the inspector for the file.

I FIGURED IT OUT. Apparently Unity can recognise animations set up this way but as of version 2019.3 it’s disabled by default and there’s no way to enable it within the editor. In order to enable it, you must navigate to /Data/Tools/ in your installation directory (I installed it using the default path so for me it was C:\Program Files\2019.3.0f6\Editor\Data), open and change bake_anim_use_all_actions=False, (it should be on line 43) to bake_anim_use_all_actions=True,. This lets unity properly recognise your actions. According to the forum thread I found this solution in a bug report was filed but it was closed as “won’t fix” because the team seems to view this behaviour as a matter of preference, but not enough so to actually allow you to change it.

this should help you, if not check this one out: