Sky and Fog global volume have no options

EDIT: I needed to activate some really stupid hidden thing in the HDRP which I could not really find anyone talking about so it was really annoying to find
I don’t know why but my sky and fog global volume have 0 options and I think my lighting has different options for some reason too because I was watching a youtube tutorial and they had way more options for lighting, this may have been because they’re using a different unity version though (Using HDRP and unity 2022.3.8f1)

Hi, the previous answer was correct. It seems that you have created a volume profile name Sky and Fog Settings (which is only a preset that we provide with a shortcut in volume menu) but have erase all the settings that are suppose to be part of it. You can either re-add those settings with “Add Override” and select the appropriate volume or re-generate the settings from the shorcut in volume menu Understand Volumes | High Definition RP | 17.0.1 Creating Volumetric Fog - Unity Learn

Volumes by default are made use of by adding overrides. You simply override features and set override values to variables.