The texture of the splash screen logo in the build.

The WebGL build includes the file "UnitySplash-Dark(Clone)", its size is 2 mb, which is almost a quarter of the size of my entire build. Which is a lot. This file is the Unity logo that is displayed when you start the game. I can't disable the splash screen on my free account. In the Build Settings window, you can enable texture size override, but this setting has no effect on the texture of the splash screen logo.
How can I reduce the size of this texture?

This is how this file is recorded in the build logs:
Used Assets and files from the Resources folder, sorted by uncompressed size:
2.0 mb 22.7% Built-in Texture2D: UnitySplash-Dark(Clone)

Unity 2022.2.15


Easiest way is to get a paid Unity license.
I'm not aware of other alternatives that aren't illegal.

I believe there may be a bug in Unity 2022 that makes it always stay in the build. We have a paid licence and its there wheather "Show Splash Screen" is ticked or not.

At the time you made the build, was that made in an instance of Unity while an account was signed in that has the pro license?

Also make sure to build to a new, empty folder and delete the app from the device before transfer. Just to rule out any caching or confusion (eg started or transferred an older app version).

I also have a paid license, but I experience the same problem in the last few months' versions (I am now using 2022.3.1f1). I have tried changing all the possible settings and cleared any kind of cache. I think it is some kind of regression.

Yeah, -2mb to the build size just for 400$ a year is cool

I actually had to report that as a bug to have a solution...

It's a little counterintuitive but you have to:
1. go to Player Settings
2. ENABLE Show Unity Splash Screen
3. you should see "Show Unity Logo" enabled. Disable it!
4. Disable Show Unity Splash Screen
5. Restart the Editor
6. Now your build are free from the Unity Logo!

That's it! ^_^


I did an experiment that shows that you can not worry about the logo that gets into the build.
2.7 mb is the size of the uncompressed file, which we see in the build log.
Size after compression:
LZ4 - 75.2 kb
LZMA - 44.5 kb
Below are screenshots to show the essence of the experiment.
I extracted the logo from the build with RenderDoc. And put it into a separate archive using Addressable Asset System.

9106408--1262572--2023-06-26 22-23-32.png

9106408--1262575--2023-06-26 22-24-03.png

9106408--1262578--2023-06-26 22-29-39.png

9106408--1262581--2023-06-26 22-32-20.png

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9106411--1262587--2023-06-26 22-31-35.png

9106411--1262590--2023-06-26 22-37-51.png

9106411--1262593--2023-06-26 22-38-28.png

9106411--1262596--2023-06-26 22-38-50.png

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so all fine and we can just use standard build settings or is there some specific way to build with LZMA compression for minimal size?

Use the standard build settings. The logo as well as all other resources will be compressed.