Unity Ads stopped serving ads all of a sudden? Fill rate dropped to 0


I'm using admob sdk with Unity ads mediation. Unity was serving ads without any problems but from last 2 days Unity just stopped serving ads at all..

Why is this? I have not changed anything.

Any guidance on why this is happening will be appreciated.


Hello farazk86,

If you are the owner of Border Wars, your ad delivery status has been disabled because your project appears to have exhibited behaviour that violates Unity's Monetization Services Terms of Service.

In order to appeal your case, please fill out this webform as completely as possible. One of our specialists will research your case and reply as soon as possible.

Unity Ads Support

Hi Unity_Jae,

Yes, I am the developer of Border Wars and it is the game in question.

I contacted unityads support via email yesterday and was told the same thing. I have completed and submitted the webform yesterday, but there has not been any update or response from Unity.

I dont know what caused the flag? All my traffic is organic and I have been using Unity Ads with admob mediation.

I am sorry that your organization has been blocked.

Our system automatically detected unusual behaviour from your organization. It might be related to unusual installing patterns, or this could be caused by watching ads by yourself and installing your app.

After submitting the request, please wait for the Fraud team’s response. Our team will take a look at your ticket and see if it was fraud or can be reconciled based on provided evidence. Usually, it will take a few days to re-evaluate the case.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Thanks for the response.

I have not broken any TOS and this is most probably in error. But I have submitted the form 4 days ago and these has still been no response on it.

Is there any way to expediate this? The ID of my appeal ticket is : #1203783

Its now been 5 days without any response from Unity =/

It has now been a FULL WEEK of no response from Unity.

Thats a FULL WEEK of lost earnings.

When my game was not doing so well and I was not earning anything Unity had no problem. But as soon as my game started rising up the ranks and started doing well organically (of which I attached all evidences). And started making good money - Unity prevented my ads from showing ads.

This has made Unity ads very unreliable for me.

How can you guys justify a full week of no response and say that it usually takes a few days. :frowning:

And it has now been 14 days of literally no response from Unity... and my monetization is still disabled

It has now been 21 days without a single response from Unity. Thats almost a whole month without income.

@Unity_Adamski said in your pinned post that it takes a week but this is not true as everyone going through this have been waiting for a resolution for several weeks

What a joke. It doesn't seem like Unity cares about its developers at all. I'm on the same boat. Org got blocked with no reason whatsoever.
@farazk86 I am implementing Google AdMob and Unity Ads both into my newer games. That way you can configure your game after launch which ad to use or even use both. Better than waiting here. In my experience Ad Mob has better customer care and are more responsive. They also haven't blocked my org ever to date.

my game ads stopped running is this a joke?

Wow last post was a year ago with still no reply from Unity? As a new developer looking at which ad service to use for my game, based on this thread I’m not going to use Unity. I don’t want to become part of of their joke.

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Thank God I see There Switch to Others