Screen is squashed with Unity Remote

Hey guys,

I just started working with Unity to develop some simple iPhone game, mostly for practice right now. Anyway, I was using Unity Remote and found that the aspect ratio of my iPhone screen was very different than my view on screen. The biggest problem is that my control-buttons (the 2 standard left & rightpad to control movement) are completely squashed.

Is there any way to get a realistic preview on my screen in Unity itself and with that make sure that the screen looks the same when it launches on Unity Remote? I should mention that when I build the app through XCode the aspect ratio is fine, but still it looks a little different than the preview screen, since the resolution is different (making 2D objects which are placed at a certain position based on the pixelamount appear at different locations).

Edit: Using Unity 3.5.0f5 with Unityremote3.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Hmm I answered the question myself. First of all, I had to make sure to be building for iPhone.
File → Build Setting → Double Click iOS

Then, in the Game Panel, you can change the aspect-ratio (left-top corner).

Also, I had to click ‘Maximize on Play’ in the Game Panel (right-top corner).

Working perfectly now, great for some very fast testing to see how things look on the iPhone!!!

wait but if I change the aspect ratio to ipad it also hides a lot of the scene. can someone help?

thanks in advance.